March 15, 2018

Last year in The New Yorker, Tom Batten jokingly described the tactics TV critics have attempted in order to get him to watch The Americans.  Among them: sending a pizza, which after eating he discovers obligates him to view at least three episodes, and hiring a skywriter to reproduce a glowing review of the series above Batten’s house.  Boomer Revue does not encourage this...

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We’re the influential generation that marched for civil rights, women’s liberation and to stop war, gathered at Woodstock, tuned in, turned on and dropped out, so why does it sometimes feel like Baby Boomers don’t get much love in the entertainment realm? 

But there is grownup fare to be found, and Boomer Revue highlights a few current offerings that may engage, inform, delight, move or simply refresh one’s spirit. 

I’m a Boomer myself and have written about film, TV and books for publications such as The New York Times, People and LIFE. I hope these selections also appeal to other demographics — welcome generations X and the Greatest!  Because ultimately Boomer Revue is about quality entertainment.               

Marlene McCampbell

Beth Hart

Judy Collins